What We Believe

What are some of the distinct qualities and beliefs that have always been a part of GateWay?

Gateway DNA

Just like people, churches share many common traits while still being distinct in their design and purpose. Our ministry DNA is the combination of our special calling, strengths, and values. These things combine to distinguish us as a family.

Prayer and Intercession

If prayer is a priority in your life then you will fell right at home at Gateway. If you need prayer, you will always find someone ready to pray with you. Our people seem to have an extraordinary appetite for prayer meetings, prayer training, and corporate fasting and intercession. Because of this, we see answered prayer and divine interventions on a regular basis. Every January is a prayer emphasis month. Early Saturday morning is our weekly prayer meeting where you will find our pastors, lay-leaders, and members seeing the Lord.

Open Worship

Gateway is a church that loves to worship! When we gather on Sunday mornings, the people come to express their love and gratitude to the Lord, so we don’t rush through it. There is a freedom of expression in our worship services as everyone focuses their heart on Jesus. This melody of hearts, voices, and instruments welcomes the Holy Spirit and ushers in the very presence of God.

The Presence of God

People sense God’s presence at Gateway. This is a testimony we hear regularly and we believe it will be your experience too. We value this sense of God’s nearness and the anointing of the Holy Spirit in our atmosphere. Lingering and soaking in the presence of God is a cherished part of our life together.

Prophetic Ministry

We are a prophetic church. God speaks today and Gateway is a place where you can hear His voice. He communicates with us corporately and individually through the prophetic gifts in our pastors and prophetic teams. Do you desire to hear God’s voice? We believe that hearing His voice is the natural result of a relationship with Jesus (John 10), and that every believer can develop their prophetic ability through their relationship with the Holy Spirit (1 Corinthians 14).

The Power of Praise

When you lift your voice to the Lord in praise and thanksgiving, power is released into your life and into the atmosphere. Praise elevates the reality of who God is over negative feelings and difficult circumstances. It causes our spiritual enemies to flee. You will often experience this life transforming power and energy in our worship services. The result is a renewed level of freedom in your life. 

Developing Young Leaders

Gateway has always been a place of leadership development for the next generation, and people of all ages. If you sense the Lord is calling you to be a leader in any capacity, then Gateway may be your place of training, learning, and growing. Whether in ministry, business, the home, or some other place of influence, hundreds of leaders have received training through Gateway City Church and our IMPACT School of Ministry.

Joyful Teamwork

Gateway would not be the church it is today without teamwork. Whatever your strengths, skills, and passions are, there is a place for you to serve on Team Gateway. Some of the best experiences you can have here take place during meetings, rehearsals, or just relaxing and eating together as a group. Authentic love for God and each other is the glue that holds all of our teams and volunteers together. Every job can be joyful when done with friends!

Healing and Freedom

Everyone needs to experience healing and freedom at some point in his or her life. At Gateway we have a long history of creating safe spaces for God to do this work in the lives of men, women, and children. Whatever your specific needs are, God will meet you here. There are caring people ready to help. We have seen God do amazing things in the lives of thousands of people just like you. Through Cleansing Stream classes and seminars, our Gateway counselors, and Gateway Healing Center, your miracle awaits!

Evangelism and Community Outreach

The focus of Gateway has always been beyond her four walls. We have a real tangible love for people in our community and those who have not yet discovered the life that comes from faith in Christ. Our founding pastor was an evangelist as a young man, and our lead pastors were missionaries, so the passion to reach all people with the gospel and its powerful message of hope is embedded in our DNA. Our partnerhsip with Gateway Community Outreach and our Gather-Grow-Go strategy provide many opportunities for you to reach out and meet practical needs in our community.