Introducing Gateway School of Ministry

You have an assignment from God to fulfill.  Gateway School of Ministry was established to train you for your mission!  We are a ministry activation school and our vision is to develop and release leaders in all areas of ministry: leaders who are equipped to transform lives with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

You will learn how to effectively lead a ministry, make disciples, move in the supernatural, and fulfill your purpose in God.

We Provide Training In These Ministry Streams

Campus Pastor
Children & Youth
Workplace Ministry
Church Planting
Adult Ministries (Women, Men & Married)
Five Fold Ministry Leadership (Coming Soon)
Worship & Creative Arts (Coming Soon)



Our Goals For Students

Ground you in the Word

Develop the gifts and talents God has put in you

Teach you practical ministry skills that will help you help others

Help you become a disciple-making follower of Jesus Christ

Help you live like Jesus in the real world.


At Gateway School of Ministry you’ll receive mentoring and input from experienced pastors and teachers and engage in ministry practicum where you learn by doing.


The Gateway Experience

Year One - LEAD SELF

Classes meet at Gateway San Jose from 6:45-9:00PM every Tuesday from September to May. Students at outlying campuses can attend classes online. Students are also involved in serving and in small group ministry.


Students complete a year-long ministry practicum together with their assigned mentor, supported by classes in the form of Saturday intensives, book assignments and online video.


Students complete a year-long ministry practicum together with their assigned mentor. Classes diversify to focus on the students specific ministry stream. Class format is the same as Year 2.


Frequent Questions

So How Does GSOM Work?

Sign up for an entire year or just the classes you want to take (Year 1 &2)

Complete two years to become eligible for ministerial licensing with Gateway City Church

Complete three years to be considered for ministerial leadership at Gateway City Church

Take classes online: You can participate in GSOM through our online platform. Click here for more information.

What is The Cost of GSOM?

Fees at GSOM are charged on a per class basis. For more information about specific class schedules click here.


For more information or if you have any other questions please contact

Pastor Carol Cobb
408.279.8100 ex 3633